Talking Investment Properties with expert Tim Allwood

May 20, 2024

Are you struggling to find adequate investment properties to buy? The market is really tight so here are some key pointers from expert Tim Allwood of Compass Property Investing.

Ray: Hi guys, Ray here again from Switch Finance. I’m here with the investment property master. He’s been doing it for a long time and I’ve known Tim for probably around 15-20 years and he’s my go-to guy for any questions about investment properties and house and land packages. 

I’ve noticed I’ve got a lot of clients that want to invest and they’re really struggling Timmy to find adequate properties to buy. It’s really tight the market so it’s probably quite timely that you’re here. Can you let our clients know what’s available? 

Tim: Well it is a tough time simply because everyone’s buying investment properties and they’re coming from all around the world to do so. 

So to get good quality can be challenging. We’ve got a few key areas which we do have and they come up regularly and our motto is everything’s done for you, it’s granted. Once you say yes, Ray looks after the finance and we get the job done and we make you very happy. 

Ray: Awesome and do you suggest first we best do a borrowing capacity for the client, find out what they can afford and then refer them onto yourself to have a chat about the strategy? 

Tim:  We’re happy to do it without a formal approval because you really can’t get the formal to know what you’re buying but we just need to know what you can do and what you want to spend it’s two different things for some people and from there we’ll find the right place. We normally stick to the capital cities. At the moment the two standouts are Perth and Brisbane. 

Ray: That’s awesome. Most of your products are house and land? 

Tim: Yeah, house and land because I just don’t like the body corporate and you can really get the tax deduction while it’s getting built. You get the full depreciation at the end so if you’re on a regional income, not to go news, I suppose its a sin. 

Ray: Yeah, a brand new house affords massive tax claims which is a no-brainer and the other thing too I like is land is what goes up over time so if you have more land content, 

Tim: We can do that. 

Ray: You get a more capital growth rather than being a unit in 200 and building 200 units. Yeah, so that’s fantastic Timmy, so hopefully I’ll start sending some clients your way. 

Tim: Yeah, it’s been a while so we’ll get back onto it. 

Ray: Absolutely 

Tim: I look forward to it. Thanks, Ray.  

Contact Ray Dib at Switch Finance on 07 5532 0030 

Contact Tim Allwood at Compass Property Investing on 1300 368 626

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