Dreaming of a new bicycle?

Refinance to a sharper deal including funds for that next bucket list item.

Switch for a brand new bicycle?

by | Mar 21, 2016

At Switch Finance, we can refinance a mortgage to a sharper deal, including the required funds needed for a new mountain or road bike, without increasing current mortgage repayments. We’ll most likely lower them instead!

We believe in providing borrowers with choice and opportunity. Our aim is to find you a loan that exceeds your expectations in terms of rate, product and service – and provides you with the bicycle of your choice* from a range of local suppliers.

Switch Finance for a new bicycle.


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Our Mission

To provide solutions and outcomes in line with our clients' aspirations and goals, taking a long term view of their objectives, rather than short-term savings. We love to educate our clients, so they are empowered, thus protecting them from the claws of institutional greed.

Our Guarantee

We are loyal to our clients and always act in our clients' best interest. We remain impartial and unbiased towards any particular financial institution, seeking the best outcome for every single client.

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